Three Ways to Keep Your House Immaculately Clean

Most mums and dads want to have a perfectly clean house but they hate the cleaning process. It is because cleaning requires a huge amount of time and energy – robbing them of the opportunities to relax, to spend time with their family or to learn new things.

Do you feel the same about house cleaning? Here’s the good news – you can keep every nook and cranny in your house squeaky clean without spending the whole day scrubbing and sweeping. How? By observing the guidelines below on cleaning your house systematically.

1. Divide your home into zones. Cleaning the rooms in your house all at the same time won’t help you achieve more. It will only leave you exhausted and frustrated. Categorize all the rooms into zones according to their function and the type of cleaning they need. For example, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room can be categorized into one zone because they are ‘wet rooms’ – requiring similar cleaning techniques. Don’t forget to include in these zones the hidden spots you might overlook while cleaning. To learn where these spots are in your house, read this detailed infographic from Absolute Domestics.



2. Create a cleaning schedule. Ask yourself how often you can tackle each zone in your house. You can do this weekly or monthly depending on your availability. Create a schedule and fill it out with the cleaning tasks you need to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis. List the small things you can do every day to keep things from piling up into a huge mess. Tick them as done as you go through each task for the day.

3. Be organized. Make sure that every item in your house has a designated place. Train your family members to put the stuff they’ve used back to their rightful places at the end of each day. This prevent the accumulation of unwanted mess on counter tops, tables and on the floor. Also, this will give your house a fresh look even though you haven’t deep cleaned every part of it.

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Why Shop for Furniture Online?

Shopping for furniture can be stressful and overwhelming. Walking into a furniture store is traumatic to some. It’s because most sales agents always try to sell to customers their newest and most expensive pieces. Do you share the same dilemma with these customers? Yes? The good news is you can now shop for furniture online.

Shopping for furniture online saves your time. You need not travel to the store and wait in line to pay for your furniture of choice. You just have to have a computer with connection. You can browse the website to your heart’s content without hurrying up or waiting. Also, there are no sales agents who will push you to buy an item you don’t really like.

Most online stores for furniture often offer more choices as compared to physical stores. They come in all different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. What’s more, they usually show tips and tricks on redecorating your place or room with the furniture of your choice. And you don’t have to worry about shipping because it’s usually free.

To add to the simplicity most furniture stores offer free shipping that is delivered to your house instead of having to find a truck or pay the store to deliver it your house.


However, online shopping for furniture can be a problematic experience if you don’t  prepare for it. So here are a few things you need to do before you make a purchase.

  • Measure out on the floor the size of the item you are buying.
  • Be sure to read the description to avoid purchase mistakes.
  • See what other people have said about the item you like. This will help you make the right decision.
  • If the shipping is not for free, make sure you are paying the least possible for shipping.


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Garage Sale – Reasons and Preparations

Are you looking forward to a successful garage sale? Well, you will need to do all the necessary preparations for it. But before I list down all the insights I’ve researched about, here are some reasons why you and other people might want to hold a yard sale.

  • To prepare for a move and earn extra money for moving expenses.
  • To make room for new stuff you plan to purchase.
  • To teach your kids about work, saving and achieving family goals.

And here’s how you need to prepare for the main event.

Gather all the items you plan to sell. The items you might want to sell are those things which you no longer use or you don’t want to use. Go through all your belongings in every room. Put together everything you plan to sell and group them into categories so that they are easier to price.

Have a yard sale kit. You will definitely need boxes, containers, price stickers, markers, scissors, money holders, petty cash vouchers, etc. for a smooth-sailing garage sale. Have them all ready before opening your garage to the people.

Start as early as possible. Do you plan to hold a yard sale in three-months time? Start collecting, grouping and pricing the items you want to sell as early as now. Get your advertisements and marketing campaigns going today as well.

(Note: I don’t own this video; all credits to the owner/publisher.) 

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Must-Grow Plants in Your Vegetable Garden

Do you want your garden plot to be a source of scrumptious produce for the whole year? Take the time to grow these vegetables in it. They are easy to cultivate with minimum investment of your money and time.

Slicing Tomatoes or Beef Steak Tomatoes They grow into medium to large fruits that are often sliced for topping burgers and sandwiches. They are disease-resistant and easy to grow. You can get started with transplants from your local nursery. That’s better than growing them from seeds in packets.


Sweet and Chili Peppers – Bell peppers are the most common variation of sweet peppers. Paler green and yellow elongated sweet pepper varieties often have a more intense flavor. On the other hand, chili peppers include Anaheims, anchos, jalapenos, cayenne, and habanero peppers, among others. They ripen through a wide range of colors from yellow, orange, purple, and even brown.

Cucumbers – Cucumbers thrive in the heat of summer. Their trailing vines can sprawl across the garden, or they can be trained onto a sturdy trellis. Bush types are excellent for small-space gardens and containers.

Basil – Lime basil, Thai basil and other varieties have flavors ranging form citrusy to spicy with a touch of anise. Basil grows well in the garden and even in containers. It a great plant for the edible landscape too.

Beans – Beans quickly germinate and produce copious amounts of tasty treats. So first time gardeners will never go wrong with them. They are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes; some plants produce colorful flowers, pods, and seeds.




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Top DIY Skills Every Dad Must Possess

As the heads of our families, we dads are expected to repair anything that’s broken and solve every problem that come our families way. Some dads fret about these expectations because they think that most DIY skills are difficult to acquire. But the truth is, they aren’t that hard to learn. Here are three skills every dad in the block must have.


Car repairs  Contrary to popular belief, car repairs are easy to perform and you’re less likely to screw it up even if you’re a beginner. By doing car repairs on your own, you save a lot of money and time. Search for free tutorial videos on line and practice. This will help you become confident in attending to your car when it has broken down.

Electronic work  Working closely with electronics is one of the coolest DIY projects for dads. Do you want to set up some ambient lighting for your bedroom or  study?  You’ll need a basic knowledge of electronics and soldering. There are simple how-to comic books for getting started with both which you can buy at an affordable price. If you learn better through tutorial videos, search YouTube for related topics.

House repairs – Is there a hole in the wall or in the floor? You must know what to do with it before it creates a big problem in your home and before it endangers your family’s safety. Know a few basic things about carpentry, plumbing, roofing and even gardening. They aren’t as difficult as you think. Knowing how to do them saves you a call to a repair man when something goes wrong.

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Safety First: Observing Caution When Doing a DIY Project

Sure, DIY projects can be fun and rewarding. But it can be otherwise if you don’t observe necessary precautions before you start on any task.

Here are some safety tips to follow when planning and completing do-it-yourself and home improvement projects.

  1. Always have a first aid kit near your work space.  Cuts and other small injuries are inevitable but the pain and infection they bring can be lessened or prevented if they’re cured immediately.First-Aid-Kit
  2. If you need to climb somewhere, use a sturdy ladder. Falls are the leading cause of serious injuries and deaths at home.
  3. Read and understand the directions on the label or manual before using any chemical or tool you may be using. Improper use can damage your project, your tools and other properties. It can also put yourself in danger.
  4. Always wear goggles, ear plugs, mask, hard hat or gloves when needed. goggles
  5. Avoid wearing clothes or pieces of jewelry that can become caught in the machine or tool you’re using.
  6. Unplug power tools if you need to walk away from the job, even if it is just for a moment. And when working on an electrical circuit, make sure the circuit is not live or attached to an electrical source. If you are not familiar with working on an electrical circuit, call a professional.
  7. Always plan out your task in advance. This will help you accomplish your goal safely and well.
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The Why and How of Kitchen Cleaning and Organization

Despite the many benefits of kitchen cleaning and organization, many people abhor and avoid this chore. It’s because it requires commitment, patience and time.

Are you one of those people who dislike this chore? If yes, read the following reasons why kitchens must be kept neat all the time.  They might help you see kitchen cleaning and orgnization in a different and positive way.

  1. Convenience and efficiency – It is easier to prepare healthy meals for your family when cooking is performed without any obstacles in the way. Searching through a dirty and disorganized kitchen for ingredients and cooking materials wastes your time and energy. Before you know it, you will have lost the motivation to cook and you end up calling for a delivery of fast food.
  2. Insect invasion prevention – Ants, bugs and roaches feed on remnants on the floor, sink and counter tops. Regular cleaning keeps insects from feeding on your food leftovers and from procreating and spreading to the other parts of your house.
  3. Kitchen furniture maintenance – Most of the cupboards, shelves and counter tops in the kitchen are made of wood. They need to be clean and dry all the time as moisture will cause them to chip and rot. The same is true for the paint on your kitchen walls. Wipe off oil, sauce or any liquid ingredient which might have spurted onto your kitchen walls to avoid premature paint damage.
  4. Absence of bad smell and moulds – Bad smells and moulds signal the existence of harmful bacteria that can cause allergies and other health risks to you and your family. Keeping the kitchen clean and dry will prevent the mould from growing, and this keeps the kitchen a healthy place for everyone to work and eat in.

So how do you keep your kitchen clean and organized? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Organize your mess. Collect all garbage. Put away all the items you don’t need and use – plastic bottles, takeaway containers, etc. Clean all used pans, plates, glasses, etc. and out put them back in their proper places.
  2. Sweep the floor. Give your floor a quick sweep every day. Clean it with soap and water when needed.
  3. Consider replacements. A clogged sink, dripping taps and broken cupboards can cause unwanted mess. Replace them with kitchen furniture and fixtures made from quality materials. This will keep the your kitchen clutter manageable.

For more tips on cleaning and organizing your kitchen, check out this detailed infographic from Bourne Bathrooms.


A well-kept kitchen makes healthy eating at home possible. It allows you to save money as well. So take the time to clean and organize your kitchen today.

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