Six Ways to Re-Purpose Your Old Furniture

Have you got old furniture pieces? Think twice before throwing them away. With some creativity, you can recondition them into fresh pieces which will serve you new purpose. Read the rest of this post to know what you can do with your cabinets, countertops, doors, dressers and side tables.

Side Tables

Old side tables can be converted into useful stools. Take one of them and see how you might put a cushion on top of it. You can best match it with a coffee table. If for some reason, your newly-converted stool is quite short to be used for your coffee table, just make some alterations on its feet.


Headboards make good racks. You can make convert headboard into a coat rack by screwing hooks onto it and hanging it on your wall. You can also convert it into a wall cabinet or cupboard.

Old Windows

Got an old window that’s still intact and with a lot of character? Consider converting it into a cabinet door. You can do this by looking for a cabinet with a faulty door that needs replacement. Or, you can create a cabinet that matches the size and shape of your old window.



Heavy duty wooden chests or trunks can be easily turned into a coffee table. This is because most of them have the right height for tables. You just need a sealer on the top or place a pane of glass to make your chest or trunk look like a genuine coffee table. If you already have a coffe table at home, consider converting it into an artistic garage door.


Do you have a chair which doesn’t match your table? Don’t give it away. Turn it into a nightstand. This will come in handy especially when you love reading by your night lamp during bedtime. You can also convert it into a table if its dimesions fit one. All you have to do is cut down the back rest so you can freely use the seat.


A sideboard usually makes an excellent bathroom vanity. Carve a hole on its top for the sink. Make sure there’s enough room for the plumbing. Add a mirror to the wall above it and you’ll instantly have a beautiful bathroom accessory.

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