Three Ways to Keep Your House Immaculately Clean

Most mums and dads want to have a perfectly clean house but they hate the cleaning process. It is because cleaning requires a huge amount of time and energy – robbing them of the opportunities to relax, to spend time with their family or to learn new things.

Do you feel the same about house cleaning? Here’s the good news – you can keep every nook and cranny in your house squeaky clean without spending the whole day scrubbing and sweeping. How? By observing the guidelines below on cleaning your house systematically.

1. Divide your home into zones. Cleaning the rooms in your house all at the same time won’t help you achieve more. It will only leave you exhausted and frustrated. Categorize all the rooms into zones according to their function and the type of cleaning they need. For example, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room can be categorized into one zone because they are ‘wet rooms’ – requiring similar cleaning techniques. Don’t forget to include in these zones the hidden spots you might overlook while cleaning. To learn where these spots are in your house, read this detailed infographic from Absolute Domestics.



2. Create a cleaning schedule. Ask yourself how often you can tackle each zone in your house. You can do this weekly or monthly depending on your availability. Create a schedule and fill it out with the cleaning tasks you need to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis. List the small things you can do every day to keep things from piling up into a huge mess. Tick them as done as you go through each task for the day.

3. Be organized. Make sure that every item in your house has a designated place. Train your family members to put the stuff they’ve used back to their rightful places at the end of each day. This prevent the accumulation of unwanted mess on counter tops, tables and on the floor. Also, this will give your house a fresh look even though you haven’t deep cleaned every part of it.

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