Garage Sale: Reasons and Preparations

Are you looking forward to a successful garage sale? Well, you will need to do all the necessary preparations for it. But before I list down all the insights I’ve researched about, here are some reasons why you and other people might want to hold a yard sale.

  • To prepare for a move and earn extra money for moving expenses.
  • To make room for new stuff you plan to purchase.
  • To teach your kids about work, saving and achieving family goals.

And here’s how you need to prepare for the main event.

Gather all the items you plan to sell. The items you might want to sell are those things which you no longer use or you don’t want to use. Go through all your belongings in every room. Put together everything you plan to sell and group them into categories so that they are easier to price.

Have a yard sale kit. You will definitely need boxes, containers, price stickers, markers, scissors, money holders, petty cash vouchers, etc. for a smooth-sailing garage sale. Have them all ready before opening your garage to the people.

Start as early as possible. Do you plan to hold a yard sale in three-months time? Start collecting, grouping and pricing the items you want to sell as early as now. Get your advertisements and marketing campaigns going today as well.

(Note: I don’t own this video; all credits to the owner/publisher.) 

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