Must-Grow Plants in Your Vegetable Garden

Do you want your garden plot to be a source of scrumptious produce for the whole year? Take the time to grow these vegetables in it. They are easy to cultivate with minimum investment of your money and time.

Slicing Tomatoes or Beef Steak Tomatoes They grow into medium to large fruits that are often sliced for topping burgers and sandwiches. They are disease-resistant and easy to grow. You can get started with transplants from your local nursery. That’s better than growing them from seeds in packets.


Sweet and Chili Peppers – Bell peppers are the most common variation of sweet peppers. Paler green and yellow elongated sweet pepper varieties often have a more intense flavor. On the other hand, chili peppers include Anaheims, anchos, jalapenos, cayenne, and habanero peppers, among others. They ripen through a wide range of colors from yellow, orange, purple, and even brown.

Cucumbers – Cucumbers thrive in the heat of summer. Their trailing vines can sprawl across the garden, or they can be trained onto a sturdy trellis. Bush types are excellent for small-space gardens and containers.

Basil – Lime basil, Thai basil and other varieties have flavors ranging form citrusy to spicy with a touch of anise. Basil grows well in the garden and even in containers. It a great plant for the edible landscape too.

Beans – Beans quickly germinate and produce copious amounts of tasty treats. So first time gardeners will never go wrong with them. They are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes; some plants produce colorful flowers, pods, and seeds.




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