The Why and How of Kitchen Cleaning and Organization

Despite the many benefits of kitchen cleaning and organization, many people abhor and avoid this chore. It’s because it requires commitment, patience and time.

Are you one of those people who dislike this chore? If yes, read the following reasons why kitchens must be kept neat all the time.  They might help you see kitchen cleaning and orgnization in a different and positive way.

  1. Convenience and efficiency – It is easier to prepare healthy meals for your family when cooking is performed without any obstacles in the way. Searching through a dirty and disorganized kitchen for ingredients and cooking materials wastes your time and energy. Before you know it, you will have lost the motivation to cook and you end up calling for a delivery of fast food.
  2. Insect invasion prevention – Ants, bugs and roaches feed on remnants on the floor, sink and counter tops. Regular cleaning keeps insects from feeding on your food leftovers and from procreating and spreading to the other parts of your house.
  3. Kitchen furniture maintenance – Most of the cupboards, shelves and counter tops in the kitchen are made of wood. They need to be clean and dry all the time as moisture will cause them to chip and rot. The same is true for the paint on your kitchen walls. Wipe off oil, sauce or any liquid ingredient which might have spurted onto your kitchen walls to avoid premature paint damage.
  4. Absence of bad smell and moulds – Bad smells and moulds signal the existence of harmful bacteria that can cause allergies and other health risks to you and your family. Keeping the kitchen clean and dry will prevent the mould from growing, and this keeps the kitchen a healthy place for everyone to work and eat in.

So how do you keep your kitchen clean and organized? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Organize your mess. Collect all garbage. Put away all the items you don’t need and use – plastic bottles, takeaway containers, etc. Clean all used pans, plates, glasses, etc. and out put them back in their proper places.
  2. Sweep the floor. Give your floor a quick sweep every day. Clean it with soap and water when needed.
  3. Consider replacements. A clogged sink, dripping taps and broken cupboards can cause unwanted mess. Replace them with kitchen furniture and fixtures made from quality materials. This will keep the your kitchen clutter manageable.

For more tips on cleaning and organizing your kitchen, check out this detailed infographic from Bourne Bathrooms.


A well-kept kitchen makes healthy eating at home possible. It allows you to save money as well. So take the time to clean and organize your kitchen today.

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