How to Be a Good Neighbor

photo credits: farm7 dot static dot flickr dot com

photo credits: farm7 dot static dot flickr dot com

Are you new in the neighborhood? Yes? You’re probably conscious about what your neighbors think about you. But don’t fret. This is a natural feeling every new comer in the neighborhood has to endure. With that said, it might be best that you take the time to be a good neighbor before other people could say anything bad against you. Here are some tips which can get you started with that.

Always smile and be the first to say hello. A friendly smile is contagious especially when you do it with a wave. If you come across a familiar face down the street or elsewhere, be the first to say hello. This will create an impression that you’re not a snob.

Reach out. Schedule a BBQ party in your backyard over the weekend. Invite your neighbors. This will be a good way to have fun and to know your neighbors better. A little act of hospitality can foster good relationship in your neighborhood.

Be a good driver. Kill your thrill for speed when driving in your neighborhood because it is not your personal racetrack. You can injure kids, dogs, joggers, walkers and bikers if you’re not careful.

Turn your music down. If you play music in your backyard or porch, make sure that the volume is at a reasonable that won’t disturb your neighbors. If you’re having a party with loud music, inform your neighbors ahead of time so that they can prepare themselves.

Keep your dog from barking incessantly and from wandering around. It is annoying to hear a dog barking all day or all night long especially when you’re tired and sleepy. Know why you’re dog’s barking incessantly and fix it. The same goes if your dog is a constant wanderer in the neighborhood. Keep him in your backyard using a rein.

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