Bed Frames: Guidelines on Choosing the Right Type for You

You spend a big part of your life in bed to sleep, rest or take a break from the stress of the day. Hence, it is important to choose the best bed frame that can  provide comfort to your tired body.

photo credit: sleep better live better dot com

photo credit: sleep better live better dot com

1. Bed Frame – Bed frames are created to hold the mattress and box spring in place. Their design complement the overall look or ambience of the bedroom. There are four types of bed frames. They are:

Four-Poster – This is a classic type manufactured in a wide range of versions. This can be made from metal or wood. As the name suggests, it has a post on each corner and is suitable for box springs.

Platform – This type works well without a box spring because it sits low to the ground. This is the best type for bedrooms with contemporary design. Just like the first type, this can be made from wood or metal.

Sleigh – This type displays outward curls at the footboard and headboard. These features resemble an old-fashioned sleigh which suits traditional-looking bedrooms. Woo d is the primary material for this frame type.

Canopy – This type has tall bedposts with a top frame which hold drapes or curtains. These features are best for decoration purposes. Traditional bedrooms often have canopy bed frames for added vintage look.

2. Size – Measure the space in your room which you have allotted for your bed. If you have an existing mattress, you should its size as well. Both will dictate the size of the bed frame that you must buy. If your bedroom is spacious, buying a king-sized frame won’t be a problem.

3. Material – The most popular bed frame materials are wood, metal, and leather. If you’re after versatility, choose wooden bed frames. Metal bed frames usually suit contemporary bedrooms and not the traditional ones. If you have house problems like termites, a metal bed frame would be the best option.

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