Top Things You Shouldn’t Buy at a Garage Sale

Bargains in a garage sale are great. However, you must be careful in choosing  among them. Buy only the items  that can meet your needs without jeopardizing your health and safety.

Used shoes. Used shoes are shaped after the feet of their previous owners. This is especially true for shoes which have been worn more than a dozen of times. Shoes that have been pre-molded cannot provide comfort to your feet. So, just think about buying  a new pair that is tailor-cut to your feet.


Worn pans and other cookware. Worn pans are rusty or  have flaky non-stick coatings. Chemicals can leach out from them and cause health and safety problems to your family.

Mattresses, bed  sheets and pillow cases. You can never be sure whether or not  these items  have been infiltrated by bed bugs. Soaking them in hot water before washing won’t do to get the bugs out. They can also be permeated with bacteria and bodily fluids from their previous owners.

Computers and electronic appliances. It is difficult to determine whether these items were properly handled by their previous owners. Laptops, for example, usually get spilled on or dropped.  TVs and DVD players get outdated easily as new models are released after some few months.

used appliances

Caps and hats. Some caps and hats are made from certain materials that are not washable. Since you can’t wash them in hot water, they may contain remnants from their previous owners – dandruff, sweat, skin infection or hair products.


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