Five Skills Every Man of the House Should Possess

As the man of the house, you are expected to possess certain skills. These skills will not only help you in your home improvement projects. They will also help you succeed in life and at work.

1. Hang a picture properly. Once you’ve moved in to your own place with your partner, one of the first things she’ll ask you to do is to hang a picture frame. Well, there’s no science to this task but you do well in it with some research and practice.

2. Fix a leak faucet. Like it or not, you will experience a leaky faucet. The sound of a dripping faucet can be annoying especially at night when you’re trying to catch some Z’s. What’s more, a leaking faucet can cost you more with the water bill and a handyman’s professional fee. Know the right tools and research about the right techniques to get it fixed.

3. Weather prediction. Local news and smartphone weather apps can be very wrong in predicting the weather. This has been proven many times before. Wouldn’t it be better to check out the skies and your surroundings yourself to know the weather? Research about the different ways the old folks predict the weather. Learn how they used to interpret the color of the skies and the direction of the wind.

4. Growing your own food. This skill is not only recreational but  also profitable. It allows you to save  money in times of need. It allows you to be healthy as well. By growing your own food, you can be more self-reliant and sustainable.

5. Negotiate. Negotiation is part of everyday life. Many practice it in order to survive. But some avoid it because it’s cumbersome. Negotiation or haggling is not always negative. It can be done in a positive manner given all possible options. Negotiation done right can save a business, a relationship or even a life.

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