Security Bollards 101: Securing Your Residential Lot in Style

Have you ever thought of securing your residential lot in style? Yes? Then, consider using bollards instead of the typical fence.

What are bollards? They are vertical posts often seen almost everywhere. They can be made of cement, iron, steel, plastic or wood. Looking back at its ancient purpose, a bollard is used to moor large ships at dock. While same function holds true today, there are additional ones to count.

Bollards primarily reinforce safety and security. They can guard and guide pedestrian and vehicular traffic within your property. Hence, your lot and everything you have placed in it can be protected from damage due to vehicular impact or rude trespassing.



How you are going to mount these fixtures depend on their types. Fixed bollards can be mounted into existing concrete, or installed in new foundations. Installers would be advised to keenly examine location factors like design threat and soil conditions among others.

Highly removable bollards, just like the ones produced by some air curtain suppliers, may not require specifications like this as they usually come with mounting systems once bought. Some of them may just be made to stand on the areas where they are needed. No need for deep drilling or epoxy anchoring.

Retractable security bollards are being offered by some manufacturers too. This type is easy to spot in stores as they look like layered telescopes that are either manually or automatically operated. Those former may need lift-assistance mechanisms while automatic ones are operated with electricity or hydraulics. Some include a backup power installation for emergencies.

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