Five Reasons to Choose High Quality Locks for Your Home

Gone are the days when thieves can easily force an entry to your homes or businesses to damage your belongings, threaten your lives and steal your assets. Thanks to high security locks which are the modern replacements of the old and inferior protection fasteners. Following are their five top benefits.

high_qualityResistance against physical attacks – The sole use of knob locks and inexpensive deadbolts make breaking-in a trouble-free undertaking for burglars with just one kick. Toughened strike plates and interlocking deadbolts permit high quality locks to protect houses. This means not even the strongest kick can loosen the clasps of these devices.

Resistance against drilling and picking – Drilling and picking are the other options thieves orchestrate when kicking doors does not work to their advantage. Technology now provides us with cutting edge locks that can withstand picking and drilling. This is made possible by the quality cylinders and security keys that are concealed in them. Such features make them efficient tools for your first line of defense.

Reliable key control with patent – Duplication of keys can easily be accomplished because of its low cost. Oftentimes, standard lock and keys are susceptible to such duplication as are not created with a restricted key system. This type of system does not allow duplication unless it is done by the authorized. Without his signature, a requested key duplication cannot push through.

Excellent features – The make of high security locks is comparably different from that of the standard ones. For one, they are entirely made of brass or steel. This makes them costly. Along with the extra cost comes the credibility that they can perform their purpose well. Manufacturers of these quality locks ensure a lifetime mechanical warranty to buyers.

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