Five Ways to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Big

Most houses have smaller bedrooms due to varied reasons. Some home owners don’t care about having small bedrooms as long as they have enough floor space for the kitchen, living room and dining room. Some home owners, on the other hand, are financially restrained and so they have no other choice but to have small bedrooms. If you’re one of those who own small bedrooms, check out these practical tips that can help enlarge your personal space by a feet or more.

1) Remove all the clutter. Bedrooms are know as clutter collectors. This is especially true if you’re not mindful of the things you store in it. Check your belongings and see which of them must go. When your bedroom floor is clutter-free, you’ll have larger space to walk in and out.

2) Install closets and creative storage. Have your closets installed in or close to the wall. It is better if you can have it close to the ceiling. This will provide enough storage space for you horizontally. Be creative with your closet. Consider storage boxes or drawers placed inside to ensure that every inch of it is put into good closet3) Choose the right bed. Do you really need a king-sized bed? This will take much space in your small bedroom. Instead of one, purchase a slim bed that comes with a lighting design.

4) Drop the furniture. Pieces of furniture also take up space. If you barely use them, grab them out of your room. The image below might be able to give you an idea on organising your stuff.image

5) Install large mirrors. Large mirrors can reflect large areas of your bedroom. Although they just provide an optical illusion, they can make you feel more comfortable about your small room.

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