Top Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights are known both for their practical and decorative uses.  To make sure that your choice of outdoor lights serves their purpose, follow these  tips before purchasing them.

Check the finish. The  finish of your outdoor lights must complement the color and texture of your brick and paint. Bronze lights usually make wonderful light fixtures for all kinds of brick and paint.

Check the style. How does your house look like? Lifestyle magazines often provide sample photos of the best outdoor lights that match certain houses. For example, colonial houses look best with traditional lights and prairie houses look best with mission-style houses.

Check the  height and size. The height and size of the outdoor lights must be considered not only for aesthetic value. It must also be considered for security purposes. Outdoor lights must be 66 inches above the floor at the least. As for the size, it is best to pick lights that are not too small in order that they can light the surroundings of your house well.


Check the energy saving features. Lights won’t work without electricity right? Choose LED lights if you want to keep all your outdoor well-lighted all through the night without you having to spend much on your electric bill. If you prefer CFL lights, cover them with frosted glass.

Check the security features. Did you know that outdoor lights are capable of deterring intruders. There are spotlights that are motion activated or motion sensitive. You can purchase them along with landscape lights for extra security.

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