Best Tips on Purchasing a Residential Lot

Are you turning a new leaf in your life? Perhaps, you want to start afresh with a new house and lot. Follow these tips so that you won’t go wrong with your choice of residential lot.

1) Ask yourself what kind of community you prefer.  Do you want to live in the city or in the country? Think of how far you want your residence to be from your next door neighbours. If you’re in the city, would you prefer a neighbourhood with sidewalks for biking and evening strolls?

2) Do a site visit. If you already have a property in mind, conduct a site visit and check the condition of the property. Seeing it in a picture is very much different from seeing it in real life. If possible, stay there overnight and observe how everything around will go from sun up to sun and lot

3) Review the roads and the traffic access. Roads and traffic accesses are very important especially if you’re going outside to work or study on a daily basis. Do you need to have your own car in order to go to and fro your property? Or can you take a public transportation from your property to your destination?

4) Take note or site limitations and restrictions. Whether you like it or not, there are many properties that come with restrictions when it comes to building houses. For example, historic communities and environmental conditions can limit the extent and the kind of house that you can build in your property.


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