Clean Your Porch with These Quick Tips

Most home owners dread the idea of cleaning of their porches. To them cleaning porches means lots of energy and time lost. If you share the same dilemma and you want to speed clean your porch, follow these insights.

1) First, get ready with all the necessary cleaning tools – a sponge, a duster, microfiber cloths, a push broom, and a scrub brush.

2) Remove all the items in your porch that are not nailed down or permanently attached. Move them all to the backyard. Remove the rugs and mats. Hang them on the fence to  air the dust in them out.

3) Sweep cobwebs hanging high corners and shutters using an extendable duster.

clean porch

4) Clean furniture, plant pots and other decors with a solution of warm water and liquid soap. Use a good sponge in wiping them clean with the warm soapy solution.

5) Clean the front door, railings, shutters, sills, ironwork, sconces with the same sponge and warm soapy solution. As for the glass windows, use damp microfiber cloths.

6) Sweep the floor with a push broom.

7) Scrub the floor with a long-handed brush. Use the remaining warm soapy solution to scrub the dirt away.

8) Let the floor dry.

10) Put back the items you have removed earlier one by one. You might want to place your furniture, flower pots and other decors in a different position for variation in design.

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