5 Amazing Ways to Give Your House a Facelift

Giving your house an improved – if not a modern – look is not that expensive. You can do so with just a little creativity and lots of patience. In fact, you can simply make use of the items that you already have in your cupboard or storage boxes. Read the following tips for some enlightenment.

Make fun with paint.

Yes, I know paint is expensive. So, you must use it sparingly just to add different touch in your home. Paint a wall (not your entire house) with a bright color. Use the remaining paint to color coffee tables, picture frames and other small items just to accentuate your room/house.

Install plants.

Plants can do wonders even to the dullest-looking houses. Choose flowery plants, plants with coloured leaves or plants that differ in size and texture. Stay away from plastic plants. Your house will look cheap with them.

Hang ready-made curtains.

Curtains are expensive when custom-made. Visit the nearest department store and scout for curtains with bright colours and classic patterns. Do not color-code. Choose curtains with colours that create beautiful contrast against the overall theme of your house.


Purchase candles. 

Scented or not, candles add glamour to any house. They’re also useful for certain occasions and/or during power shortage. Purchase candles in different sizes and shapes and place them in the different parts of your house.

Display an antique item.

Visit a garage sale. You’re most likely to pick great items there that are not as expensive. Choose ones with an antique touch.

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