Helpful Insights on Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Whether comparing people, homes, cars, or neighborhoods, each and every one is going to be different.  When purchasing a home there are many things that should be considered. Here are some tips for you to help choose the right neighborhood for you and your family.


Whether you have children, expecting a child, he local school district is generally an important thing to consider when buying a home.

Local Business & Shopping

Drive to a nearby “strip-mall” or shopping plaza and see what is happening. Are there lots of vacant stores? Are the stores thriving with business? The local businesses and shops can often indicate how the neighborhood is. Business owners in most cases want to be in a community where there is support and pride from the local residents.

Public Transportation

How close is the nearest bus line? How often are pick-ups and/or drop-offs made? How expensive is the transportation? If public transportation is desired, these are all things that should be analyzed when choosing a neighborhood to buy a home in.


Crime Statistics

Just like school information, crime statistics, are an important factor to choosing the right neighborhood when buying a home. The internet is a good resource for crime information just like local school information. The police department should have information about specific neighborhoods, information regarding crime prevention, community policing, and more.

Future Development

Whether the plan is to stay in a home for 2 years or 20 years, the future development of a neighborhood, is important. The development of a neighborhood can impact the resale of a home, both in positive and negative ways. The future of a neighborhood also can have an impact on a family or a soon to be family. Are there discussions or proposals for an expansion of the local school district? A new library? A new community center?

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