Welcome Winter with These DIY Projects

No matter where you live — an apartment, condo, townhouse or single home — there are tons of areas that could use a touch of fresh paint, new decor or just a change in plans. Here are a few tips to revitalize your home while keeping you busy during the whole winter season.

winter out

Do a revamp.

Create a scaled sketch of the room, including door frame sizes, and cut out shapes that represent the furniture in the given location. Do this before shifting your things here and there.

Paint the insides of your house.

A splash of color on the eggshell walls in your dining area might just be what you need to feel satisfied. Be sure to test out a variety of hues in your preferred color before you’ve covered four walls with your first choice of color.

Let your entire house sparkle.

An easy way to pick yourself up is adjusting the light in your home. Upping the wattage within your house with energy-efficient bulbs instantly — and quite literally — brightens up the place.


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