Low-Tech Ways To Keep Your House Cool

home-coolWhen keeping a cool house during summer is talked about, most people think of air-conditioner installation right away. They forget about the conventional ways through which the house can be kept cool. They can also keep your energy consumption low during the hot months. And so, you can also enjoy low electricity bills to pay.

First of all, shield your house against sunlight and outside heat through awnings. Awnings can reduce solar heat gain by 65 percent. Pair your awnings with drapes. Close the drapes during the hottest hours of the day. Make sure that they are light in color to reflect the sunlight. Also, they must be long enough to touch the floor so that the movement of hot air from outside can be blocked. However, take note to open all the windows when outside temperature is lower than the temperature inside the house.

Plant trees and vines. Greens can really make a hot place cool. If you have a spacious yard, plant enough trees that can get the winds blowing your way. If you live in a building-type residence, grow vines by your walls and windows.

Finally, paint your roof white. Yes! White-coloured roofs can keep your house from absorbing all the solar heat up there.

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