Green Furniture: How To Pick One

Ever since the green campaign increased popularity, many are having discussions (even debates) on which kind of furniture is the most environment friendly. One that is made of metal, plastic or wood?

olive-green-furniture-outdoorsThere are standards which must be met before you can declare that a furniture is green. These qualifying factors take in consideration not only the environment but also the condition of the users.

Is it healthy and safe to use? Health-wise a furniture must not be painted or decorated with any material than can cause health challenges like emphysema, asthma, headaches and fatigue. Pieces of furniture with VOC traces are most likely to cause these. And so, you must inquire about the glue, paint or varnish that was used in its production.

Is it  recyclable and reusable? If you are thinking of having a piece of furniture that can be handed from one generation to another, one that is made of metal is the best for you to buy. Plastic or wood furniture is less likely to be reused for a similar purpose once it already got distorted.

Is it durable? When your furniture is made of quality materials, there’s no need for you to buy replacements. It is like getting your money’s worth. In connection to this, look for a furniture that you cannot throw away for many years due to its durability  and classic design.



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