Feng Shui for the Home: Starting with the Basics

When starting with Feng Shui in your current house,you need not demolish your walls right away just to build a  space that will attract all the positive energies you need. In truth, you can start with simple practices in the current condition of your house.

Begin by removing the clutter in your house. In addition to the garbage, get rid of all the things you do not like or do not need anymore. This releases the negative energies which could be inhabiting your place for a long time now.

Next, think of ways on how you can allow more air and  light to penetrate the insides of your house. Open all your windows to let the air and light in. If there are pieces blocking your sources of the two elements, remove them right away. In connection to having quality air inside your house, display natural plants that can purify the air.

Do not forget to have in your house the five Feng Shui elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Read some helpful information on where to place them exactly to attract the kind of energy you need. For example, wood or wooden furniture must be appropriately placed to attract prosperity.

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