Portable Scaffolds: Every DIYer’s Best Friend

2013 15 02695Being a do-it-yourself project fanatic, I spend quite a number of hours on top of my portable scaffolding. There I accomplish most of my off-the-ground tasks like fixing the roof, ceiling and repainting the walls to name a few.

Years back, I was apprehensive about owning one because of a couple of ladders I own and use for the tasks I mentioned above. But my thoughts changed through time. While they can get me high enough to reach my desired point, they cannot give me the space needed to hold me up there and my tools (especially when painting ceilings). There were times too when I needed an extra hand and wanted  a friend to come up the ladder too but there was literally no space for us to share.

Apart from the space portable scaffolds provide, I am sold to the convenience of setting it up, dismantling it and storing it when not used. Its collapsible frame allows the user all three with ease. What’s more, if you need to be high up by one level, you can simply add a platform on top of the other. Isn’t that a genius? 🙂

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