Easy Steps On Fixing Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets are a common condition in most houses. They are easy to fix when you have the right tools and you know the right procedures to take.

Start by having a good plunger at hand. Push it deep into the bowl and then pull it out. Maintain the push and pull action in a vigorously. Be sure there is enough water in the bowl as you do this. The water may ooze out so be careful to wipe the spills clean.

You just have to repeat pushing and pulling the plunger until the clog is gone. If this does not work, reach for the snake. You simply have to push it into the bowl until it addresses the clog source. Should this fail to work, ask a handyman to come over and do the fixing for you.

Sometimes, wrong practices cause the clog in the toilet bowl. There are habits which you must avoid to ensure a working toilet bowl. Refrain from using chemicals. Some chemicals may be good arresting the clog but they can damage your bowl system in time and make a bigger problem in the end.

To keep things from dropping into the toilet bowl, cover it all the time. Do not place toiletries, toys or even bar soaps on top of the toilet tank. These objects can quickly cause clogs. Refrain from pouring liquids into the toilet bowl which harden over time. Examples of these are grease, wax and other compounds.

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