Must-Know Facts About Removing Water Stains Off Ceilings

Water stains on the ceiling are quite an irritating sight to see especially when the interiors of your house are designed neatly. Water stains can be fixed by repainting the very spot where they appeared. Nonetheless, they can recur anytime if the main source of the problem is not arrested.

To get started, check all potential sources of water stains. These could be leaks from water pipes. You can tighten tubes to avoid leaks. Once this is done, make sure that the entire area is dry before going on to the next step. It would be wise to wait at least a day or two for this drying phase to be complete.

photo courtesy of Google Images

Moving forward, scrutinize the current paint color on your ceiling. Is it possible for you to get the same paint color? If yes, you can repaint only the spot where the discoloration happened. If you cannot, be ready to purchase enough amount of paint that will cover the whole ceiling and parts of the wall which may have also been affected by the water leak.

Check out any mold fromation. If there are molds, remove them and clean the area using bleach. Then, cover the stain with a blocking primer. Wait for the applied d substance to dry then do some sanding to make the area smooth. As you repaint the stained part, make sure that the borders of the stain are fully covered.

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