Tips on Clearing Up Your Basement

So, you want an extra space which you can convert into a bedroom or a lounge where you can have a good time with your friends and loved ones. This could be a very challenging task especially when you are doing this on your own; but with a few great tips everything will be on the right track.

First of all, draft a plan. This plan should start with a purpose. What do you need the entire space for? Would it be you’re your future study? Or a play area for your little ones? Once this is all settled down, decide on the design and the pieces of furniture you would be placing in it.

Then inspect the parts one by one. Check whether the ceilings need renovation. Generally, you can choose between suspended ceilings and tray ceilings. Most homeowners choose the latter as they are deemed much safer and chic in appearance.

As for the staircase, consider having banisters installed. Apart from safety purposes, it offers extra provision where decorations may be attached. Do you think a winding staircase is a great replacement to your old one? Think again. This may be a great space saver but it can limit the size of the things you will be bringing up and down through it. Also, it cannot allow quick exit in case of emergencies.

If possible, create as many windows for the passage of fresh air. Choose flooring type that is mold resistant and easy to clean. Paint the walls with bright colors like white and yellow so as to make the walls illuminate light and the space will look wider.

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