Quick Ideas on Converting a Room to an Indoor Garden

So, you want to have a flower or veggie patch but you do not own a yard. What are you going to do then? This is the dilemma my friend had last month. I suggested that she can have an indoor garden room instead. Here are some quick steps that can get you started with your room garden.

Among the rooms in the ground floor, that is if you own a two-storey house, choose a room that is facing the south and has its own thermostat. The ideal temperature would be between 65 and 75 degrees. Make sure that the room you have chosen has a couple of windows as ventilation is necessary.

Then, set the tables. These shall hold your seedling s in place. Do not position them near the window. Push them against the wall which does not have any. On the tables, place plastic food trays. At the two ends of the tables, position two grow lights which are free-standing.  Your seedlings would need a warm atmosphere and these lights help provide that. You can buy clay pots or simply use plastic containers of foods or liquids. Just create draining holes at the bottom part.

When the seedlings start to grow into plants, bring them near the window to receive some sunlight. Be careful not to let them wither though. Schedule your time of sprinkling so that the plants would not dehydrate.

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