Simple Ideas on Caring for Wooden Furnishings

Most of the furniture pieces I own are made of wood. Unlike plastic, wood is a sensitive material which needs to be cared for in order to keep its elegance long-lasting. Besides giving a warmth ambience in your home, wooden pieces of furniture are great investments which you can resell overtime or hand down to your children or grandchildren as inheritance.

Choose a spot which is not reached by sunlight. Wooden cabinets, tables and chairs which are positioned near a window where the heat shines through easily form cracks. Discoloration is another enemy of wood whether it is varnished or not. Thus, it is important to use only the recommended and quality cleaning solutions plus clean cotton cloth.

If you want affordable and quick fixes for your wooden furnishings, there are three things found inside your which can be of use. These are beer, tea and blow-dryers.  Spill some beer on top of your cabinet then wipe it off with soft cloth. You will have a brand new looking cabinet afterwards. Perhaps, your dining table is sticky with dirt and grime. Boil two bags of tea in one liter of water. When the tea solution is cool, dip into it a soft cloth. Then wipe away the table stains with the damp cloth.

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